The creator of Mac Cards, the popular e-card service that was forced to close by Apple, has made a comeback with a new e-card site called EyeCards.

The site features dull and boring pictures in a humorous light claiming "it's cool to be dull". Cards include Grass Growing, Signs, Wheelie Bins and Pavements.

Webmaster and creator Simon Jones was forced to close Mac Cards when Apple threatened legal action. The company claimed that the site violated Apple's trademark rights, and that users could confuse the site with its own iCards service.

The move proved unpopular with many Mac enthusiasts, some of whom complained that Apple's iCards was "dull and boring".

Jones refused to say whether the new site was meant to poke fun at Apple's iCards. He said: "Apple objected to various things with the Mac Cards site. There can be no such objections with this new site, unless they want to object to the fact they did dull cards first."

The "completely boring and pointless" cards on EyeCards are free to send and visitors can submit their own dull photographs for use on the site.