ElGato has shipped EyeTV 2.5, a significant and free update to its award-winning television software.

The new version of the software includes many new features for viewing shows on the Mac, the iPhone, and iPod touch.

Perhaps the biggest enhancement is that with WiFi access, recorded television shows can be accessed for playback using an iPhone and iPod touch across a local WiFi network.

iPhone or iPod touch users can connect using Safari to a web server running within EyeTV 2.5 and can browse the EyeTV archive and its playlists.

The company has also come through for those EyeTV users who have requested the ability to record content that has been temporarily stored through timeshifting. To create a new recording after watching a live television show for a while, users now just need to navigate to the beginning of the show, and click the record button.

All navigational controls such as Pause, Rewind, and Fast Forward remain fully functional while recording from the live buffer until you decide to stop the recording.

EyeTV 2.5 offers a one-click button for easy export of recordings for the iPhone and the iPod touch. In France, EyeTV 2.5 supports IPTV for Freebox.

In addition to those features previously described, EyeTV 2.5 improves H.264 HDTV playback performance, though this remains relatively processor intensive and requires at least an Intel Core 2 Duo processor. EyeTV 2.5 now supports timeshifting functionality for analogue TV tuners without built-in hardware compression, such as EyeTV Hybrid.