According to a new report from Bloomberg, Apple plans to add Face ID support to the iMac, but it probably won't happen in time for this year's update.

The focus in the new iMacs for 2021 is said to be on a new design with a flat back and support for Apple's M-series of processors (most likely a new M1X or M2). In addition, the screen size of the smallest model may be increased from 21.5in to 23in or 24in. There are also rumours that the 2021 iMac will come in iPad Air colours.

In other words, support for Face ID will only come in next year's iMac models, and may appear alongside a built-in 5G connection.

Of course, Face ID support may appear in other Mac launches this year, but that is far from certain - particularly given the potential space issues when trying to cram the infrared projector into the lid of a MacBook. Indeed, my colleague Samuel Nyberg argues that Apple should go ahead and stick Face ID in the iMac despite the fact that it won't be able to include it in the Mac laptops.

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.