Right now we are used to unlocking apps with our face or finger, but soon we will be able to do the same around the web thanks to a new feature coming to Safari later this year.

A new feature, which is in the beta of Safari 14, will allow users to skip a login form and instead log in using Touch ID or Face ID on their iPhone, via 9to5Mac.

Some web surfers are already logging on using Touch ID or Face ID - but the system actually only enters and confirms the username and password automatically, and that is only because the user has allowed access to passwords using Touch ID and Face ID and offered additional approval (2FA) via SMS or another system.

With the new login variant the complete login process runs in the background: When the login page is called up Face ID or Touch ID is automatically activated and you are logged on almost immediately. If you want, you can even hide the password fields.

Developers can access this new functionality via a new Web Authentication API, which is based on cross-platform technology from FIDO that is already supported by some providers such as Ebay and Gmail. Apple joined the FIDO Alliance in February 2020, the alliance’s aim is to reduce reliance on passwords.

Apple has published a video about the new functionality "Meet Face ID and Touch ID for the web" you can watch it here.

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This article combines articles from Macwelt and Macworld Sweden.