Facebook Applications Factory Bappz has introduced a brand nw Facebook application built for Mothercare’s social networking site for parents Gurgle.com, ‘Name My Baby’.

"If you're having a baby and are still uncertain of what name to choose, ‘Name My Baby’ provides a 20,000 name database to help you though the maze of choices," the developers explain.

It's a complete solution - you'll get the name along with its meaning, alternate spellings, origins and more. But it's not simply a reference service - it's a social one - you can enable an option for your friends to vote on their favourite names of those you are trying to decide between, and to make suggestions of their own.

The company was founded by pioneering internet and music entrepreneur Paul Myers, It is currently working on a number of diverse applications to be launched on Facebook before the end of this year and has also begun building applications for the iPhone.