While you bask in the sunshine (apparently there is rain expected later today, sorry) you may have forgotten what it was like to have the heating on at home – that’s if you had remembered to turn it off, after all, we’ve pretty much needed the heat on for most of this year thanks to the, until now, diabolical weather.

If you had forgotten to reset your heating, you may be interested to learn that former Apple iPod and iPhone hardware development chief Tony Fadell’s Nest Learning Thermostat is the latest entrant to the Apple Store.

The Nest Learning Thermostat, made by Nest Labs, is a touch-controlled thermostat that can learn your preferred temperatures and daily schedule, adjust the temperature automatically when no one is at home, help you learn how to save on energy costs and can be controlled remotely via the Web or your iPhone. According to the company, it can save you as much as $173 per year on your energy bill.

The thermostat will be available to buy in US Apple Stores for $249.99, according to 9to5Mac, but it isn’t actually on sale yet.