Almost a fifth (18 per cent) of US households that own at least one Apple product intend to buy an iPad in the next twelve months, according to Strategy Analytics.

The market researchers surveyed 2,000 people in the US. The researchers also claim that nearly a third of iPhone users in the US plan to buy an iPad during the coming year.

In total 90 per cent of iPad sales are expected to come from existing Apple device owners, according to the survey.

Given that market penetration of Apple devices, including the popular iPod and iPhone is high, (50 per cent, according to Peter King, director Connected Home Devices), the Strategy Analytics report indicates that there is a big market for the iPad.

Apple iPad

The researchers point to there being just two per cent of US homes that don't currently own an Apple product who intent to purchase an iPad, with the report's author, David Mercer, Principal Analyst at Strategy Analytics suggesting that: "Apple's iPad is preaching to the converted. Many iPhone, Apple computer and iPod owners have snapped up their first iPad in the first few months since it was launched, and many of those who haven't plan to follow suit over the coming year."

Peter King added: "Apple can mop up plenty of iPad demand from its loyal customer base before it needs to start focusing on the 50 per cent of people who do not yet own one of its products."

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