Last week Jon Prosser leaked news that colourful MacBooks are in the works at Apple on his YouTube channel Front Page Tech (FPT). In the latest episode, which landed on Monday 10 May, he has added more details based on information and pictures received from his sources.

In the episode Prosser shares images that have been made based on the information he has received about the new products, in order to protect his source. He does admit that there is a lot of guess work involved in building these images up based on the information they have, but there are features that they know for sure - such as the fact that the bezels and keys on the keyboard are white.

MacBook Air Blue

Prosser also reveals that the information received does not match the MacBook Pro schematics, so he is confident that this is a new MacBook Air.

The renders show various features for the new Mac laptops. Prosser says he has seen an image of the blue version of the new MacBook, but that there is also a green one. His source said that the colours used on the iMac are "very close, if not identical" to those being used for this new MacBook.

MacBook Air blue side

Based on the images Apple appears to have given up on the wedge shape for the MacBook Air that has been the trademark of the MacBook Air since it launched in 2008. The new MacBook will be flat with the case barely thicker than the USB-C socket, of which Prosser indicates there are two, although he notes that it’s not clear if MagSafe is making a return to this laptop.

Prosser says that we won’t see this new design until the end of the year at the earliest.

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For more information watch the latest episode of Front Page Tech.