For some people, the size of the new Mac Pro means one thing. It is perfect for collecting a number of them together in a rack to form a supercomputer. 

US-based colocation company MacStadium has already announced that it will provide a means to rack the new cylindrical Mac at its data centre.

MacStadium currently offers Mac mini server hosting, colocation, and Cloud computing solutions. It offers customers the opportunity to rent a Mac mini, buy a Mac mini, or even ship a Mac mini to them for colocation.

The company says it will offer the means to stack 270 new Mac Pros in its rack. The Mac Pros will be stacked 15 tall, nine wide and two deep.

Each server is provided redundant power, cooling and a full Gigabit of Internet connectivity, all backed by live 24x7 support ensuring 100% uptime for even the most advanced implementations, claims MacStadium. Prices will start at $45 a month.

According to MacStadium the new smaller size of the Mac Pro should make it more popular in the hosting and colocation world, writes TUAW's report.

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