Folding devices are one of the biggest trends in the tech industry right now, and it seems that Apple is interested in jumping on the bandwagon. But as usual the Cupertino company will arrive later than everyone else.

The latest news is that Apple is working on a foldable model of iPhone with an 8in screen and a resolution of 3200 x 1800 pixels, according to a new report from the well-informed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, quoted by AppleInsider. The display panels will be manufactured by Samsung, we understand, despite earlier reports that the job would be handled by LG.

The rumoured screen specs would compare favourably with some currently available folding smartphones, such as the 7.3in (2152 x 1536) Samsung Galaxy Fold pictured at the top of this story. But bear in mind that the Galaxy Fold launched in 2019, while the Apple foldable isn't expected to launch until 2023; the general standard of tech specs may have moved on by then.

There are already rumours that the Apple foldable will support the Apple Pencil - very likely a new Apple Pencil model by then - but otherwise there are relatively few details to work with. You can catch the latest information in our folding iPhone news hub.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.