Other than the constant rumours about the Apple Car the other product that seems to be attracting a lot attention is the foldable iPhone. Both products have one thing in common, they are a long way from being ready to launch.

According to a new report from the analysis company Omdia, Apple will launch two foldable models of iPhone in 2023. Jon Prosser has also suggested that the new iPhone Flip will not launch in 2022, although he emphasises that it may never launch.

Featuring OLED screens, these foldable iPhones are said to be 7.3in to 7.6in, which is slightly larger than previously rumoured.

Furthermore, both models are said to support the Apple Pencil, a stylus that can currently only be used with certain iPad models.

There are countless patent applications from Apple that support the claim that a foldable model of iPhone is under development. We discuss these and other rumours about Apple’s folding iPhone - possibly called iPhone Flip - in our Foldable iPhone rumours & patents round up.

It’s not only the iPhone that could one day be foldable: several analysts also expect that we will see a foldable 12in iPad before we see a foldable iPhone.

Via EqualOcean and MacRumors and based on a report on Macworld Sweden.