Earlier this week we reported Epic Games' warning to customers that as of 11 September, they would no longer be able to log into Fortnite using the 'Sign in with Apple' feature. But the company has now announced that Apple has granted an "indefinite extension" for this access.

Epic Games doesn't appear to feel totally safe just yet, however. The company continues to recommend that users prepare their accounts in case Sign in with Apple is blocked in the future.

Epic has provided instructions to ensure users can maintain access to their accounts in the event Apple revokes access. If you're in this situation, you should go to the company's General Settings page, sign in with your Apple ID, and make sure the listed email address is one that you control.

If you've signed up for an Epic Games account using Sign in with Apple and have never set an Epic Games password, make sure you do that too.

Apple requires developers to use all single sign-on (SSO) options such as signing in with your Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts to include Apple ID sign-in as an option as well.

The two companies have been at loggerheads ever since Epic added an option to the iOS version of Fortnite that allowed users to pay the company directly, bypassing Apple's usual revenue cut. Apple and Epic are currently at the 'filing lawsuits' stage of their relationship.

Fortnite is not currently available on Apple's App Store, but it's still possible to get Fortnite on your iPhone.

The above article is based on reporting by Macwelt and Macworld US. Translation, where applicable, by David Price.