Mike Daisey, the author and actor who accused Apple of ill-treating its factory workers and was later forced to admit he had fabricated some of his reports, has started a Twitter spat with the journalists who interviewed Tim Cook at the D10 conference.

Daisey’s interest in the conference was sparked when Kara Swisher was speaking with Apple CEO Tim Cook and referred to his “fictional” critics, without actually mentioning Daisey (who was obviously implicated).

Daisey then took to his blog to criticise Swisher and colleague Walt Mossberg of not being tough enough on their interview subject.

He wrote: “Kara and Walt – do you really think you asked hard questions tonight? Goodness, you got Cook to admit… that Ping was a failure! That’s amazing. If only you had another hour, so you could get him to tell us who he liked best on Dawson’s Creek and what kind of ice cream is best: vanilla or cookies and cream. (Trick question: it’s always cookies and cream.)”

He suggested some other questions that the D10 interviewers could have asked: “Recently you went to China for the first time as CEO to tour Foxconn’s production lines. Apple’s first outside audits of Foxconn happened in 2006, after media coverage back then, and the report recommendations made six years ago are the same as the ones made by the FLA in 2012. Did it not seem important enough a priority for the CEO go until now, six years later? Why did it take so long?”

Daisey also blames Cook for “squeezing the supply chain” to the extent that Foxconn became a problem, something, Daisey claims, Cook was responsible for. He notes: “The New York Times and others have pointed to the squeezing of that supply chain as a big part of the problems at Foxconn.”