The last time Apple launched a new version of iLife was October 2010. That's three years ago now, and we think it's about time Apple updates the suite, which includes iMovie, iPhoto and GarageBand. In this article, we'll bring you all of the latest speculation about the new version of GarageBand.

There are iOS versions of each of the iLife apps, but here, we're discussing the OS X version of GarageBand.

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GarageBand 2013: release date

Apple is hosting a special event on 22 October, which could see the unveiling of a GarageBand update. We expect that the main focus of the event will be the iPad 5 and iPad mini 2, though.

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Evidence to suggest that Apple will be updating GarageBand at its 22 October event comes in the form of leaked app icons that appeared on Apple's website and in Apple's iOS 7 Settings menu this week. They've since disappeared, but not before we managed to get our hands on an image.

Above: Apple accidentally revealed all three of the iLife apps' new icons on its website.

The new icon has a flatter, more minimalist design in-keeping with the look of iOS 7.

Whether the new icon will be carried over to the Mac version of GarageBand with an update this week is yet to become clear, but it looks almost certain that some sort of GarageBand update is imminent.

GarageBand 2013: design

We expect that Apple will want to update iLife soon, to bring its design in line with the minimalist, skeuomorphism free designs of iOS 7 and OS X Mavericks.

GarageBand is full of skeuomorphism, including the realistic-looking instruments and the chalkboard Lesson Store. Apple is likely to redesign GarageBand, as well as iPhoto and iMovie, to ensure that all of its apps have the same design style.

GarageBand 2013: user interface

In February, Apple posted job listings for senior software engineers that would join the iLife team. The job descriptions said that the engineers would assist in "re-imagining how user interfaces should be built and work."

One of the descriptions said that a Senior iLife UI Designer was require as a "key player in determining the future design direction of Apple's consumer apps" and "is ready to and capable of taking software design to the next level."

Additionally, Apple also posted a job listing for an engineer in the iLife Frameworks QA department.

Since then, Apple has shown of its new iWork in the Cloud, but has yet to unveil an iLife update.

GarageBand 2013: new features

There has been little talk about the new features GarageBand 2013 could bring to the music-making software. iCloud compatibility could be on the cards, and there are likely to be new Basic Lessons, new instruments, new effects etc.

Macworld US editor Jason Snell highlights how GarageBand could borrow some features from Logic Pro to make GarageBand for podcasters. These features include a shortcut to select all following segments, arbitrary region deletion that would let users quickly clip out a region of an audio segment, strip silence to automatically delete moments of silence within a track, and ripple delete to snip out several seconds of a project and have GarageBand close the gaps automatically.

Other desirable new features include the ability to record the sound made by individual apps, the ability to remove the background noise from a track, smart audio balancing, and the option to stop GarageBand compressing in Podcast mode.

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