The AirPods Pro are Apple's ultimate in-ear headphones. They offer active noise cancellation and three sizes of soft flexible silicon tips for a customisable, comfortable fit. They normally cost £249 but right now you can get £60 off the usual price with Appliances Direct.

Appliances Direct is selling the AirPods Pro for £199 here - which is the usual price you would pay for the standard AirPods with wireless charging if you bought them from Apple.

Many other stockists are selling these headphones for £219, as you can see from our AirPods deals round up, but Appliances Direct has the best deal by far.

If you are wondering whether to spend your money on the AirPods Pro - even with such a great discount - here's what we thought when we reviewed them:

"AirPods Pro are absolutely peak Apple. Just as with the original AirPods, they are not a new invention. They don't outperform the best wireless headphones in the price range. But AirPods Pro are so thoughtfully designed, so effortless and easy, that it's kind of annoying to go back to using other wireless earbuds."

We also said that: "The reason you're going to want these over some other wireless earbuds that might sound better or have better noise-cancelling, is that they're just so damn comfortable."

Read our review of the AirPods Pro here.

We think this is an excellent opportunity to get the AirPods Pro for the price of Apple's standard AirPods.

Get the £199 AirPods Pro deal here.