Alias|Wavefront, developer of Maya, is running a series of events across the globe focused on 3D graphics and design on December 3.

During the global 3D-fest, the company and its partners are scheduled to announce and demonstrate technology not previously seen anywhere in the world. It’s the second time the company has done this - it attracted 20,000 3D artists to its events last year.

The London event takes place at Vinopolis, 200 yards from London Bridge. Speakers include computer artists from ILM (makers of Harry Potter), Dygra (The Living Forest), Sony's PlayStation II development team, and others.

Registration is free, though there are a series of Masterclass sessions for which a charge will be made - these must be registered for separately. The Masterclass sessions begin at 9:30am. Experts in character animation, rendering and dynamics will lead these sessions, teaching attendees advanced techniques.

The programme includes seminars, tutorials, and exhibitions. These begin at 2pm with an Alias|Wavefront user's meeting, in which the company will discuss its plans for the year ahead. The main event follows at 4pm, and will consist of product demonstrations, exhibitions of work, and special offers from some of the companies present.

Macworld is sponsoring the event, part of the renaissance for 3D design on the Mac. More details are available online.