Google still hasn't updated its Gmail app for iOS since early December, despite considerable speculation about how it will respond to changes to Apple's privacy rules. But Gmail's entry on the App Store has changed, with a privacy notice added indicating the wide range of data points that may be collected.

The company had previously stated that, rather than asking for permission to track users, it would stop using the IDFA code (Identifier For Advertisers) that iOS developers can use to recognise a particular device. Google has access to other ways of tracking users.

The new App Store privacy notice informs users that data related to purchases, contacts, location, search history and more "may be collected and linked to your identity".

Gmail for iOS privacy notice

It is unknown if Google is still planning to implement its IDFA change in a future update. Other Google apps such as Chrome, Photo and Maps are still waiting for both updates and privacy statements.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.