Following the reports that suggested Apple is about to launch a gold iPhone 5S, sources have confirmed to AllThingsD that the new rumoured iPhone colour is on its way, but have described it as an "elegant" shade of "champagne."

In a report published on Monday, AllThingsD cites "sources in a position to know" who say that Apple will be adding the new gold colour to the iPhone colour palette, which has previously consisted of just black or white.

With numerous reports from a variety of sources, as well as several photographs of allegedly leaked gold iPhone 5S components, we asked our readers what they thought about the idea of a gold iPhone. The responses included "vile", "yuck", and "disgusting".

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However, AllThingsD's sources insist that the gold iPhone 5S has an "elegant" tone, and that we should "think champagne, not ingot."

It's expected that, rather than an all-over gold finish, the iPhone 5S will be white with a gold back plate and sides.

AllThingsD explains that gold is becoming popular in China, a market that Apple is believed to be keen to grow in.

Apple is reportedly planning a 10 September special event to launch the iPhone 5S, which is expected to arrive alongside the new iPhone 5C.

Images: AllThingsD Shop Le Monde

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