If you're waiting for a Haswell-powered MacBook Pro with Retina display, you may have longer to wait than previously expected, according to new reports.

China Times claims that MacBook Pro models featuring Intel's new Haswell processors are on their way, but won't ship until October.

Previous reports had suggested a September launch for the new models, and the launch of Haswell-powered MacBook Air models in June led to speculation that new MacBook Pro models wouldn't be far behind. (See MacBook Air (2013) review).

It's expected that the new MacBook Pro models will sell at the same price as the current Retina MacBook Pros, because, while the cost of the high-resolution LCD panels and solid-state drives has decreased, the cost of DRAM is on the rise.

Thanks to Intel's new Haswell processors, the new MacBook Pro with Retina display models could have a significantly better battery life than current models.

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