If you were worried that Apple was about to change the dock when they launch the new iPhone 5, your concern may be unfounded and your existing iPhone accessories may be safe. It has emerged that rumours about the supposed new dock connector were based on the project of a high school student.

A few days back, A White Dot reported that while browsing the Apple store, they stumbled upon a possible leak from Apple: a new 9-pin dock connector available in two colours that would allow you to convert 30-pin Apple cables to the rumoured reduced docks.

Accompanying the post on the website were numerous screen captures and even a video said to be proving its authenticity. The connectors were priced at $9.99 and included a compatibility chart, listing a 6th generation iPhone, 5th generation iPod touch, a 7th generation iPod nano as well as a “iPad 3rd generation (late 2012)”. 

Websites such as Techno Buffalo quickly picked up on it, only to dismiss it equally as quickly as a fake leak. Tuaw credits “Peter”, a Swiss High School student for being behind the hoax. Peter is also the same guy behind the fake “iPhone5 website leak” from last August.

Turns out he went to all that trouble for a school project. Peter told Tuaw, “Yes everything is fake. For our final exams we have to make big documented project. My Topic is Viral Marketing and spreading of Rumors in the Internet.”