Jonathan Mak, the designer whose tribute to Steve Jobs became an internet sensation, has denied copying the work of another artist.

Reuters reports that Twitter members have attributed the original idea to a UK-based designer known as Raid71. On Raid71's website a similar design showing an Apple logo with a Steve Jobs-shaped bite taken out of it can be seen.

Design student's Steve Jobs tribute storms the web

But Mak told Reuters that though he accepts that Raid71 may have come up with the idea, he was unaware of it when creating his design (pictured).

"I didn't rip off his work. I still arrived at the solution on my own, and my conscience is still clear, but I'm more than happy to acknowledge the fact that somebody did it before me."

Raid71's design (below) places a black logo on a white background and was reportedly created in May. Mak's design, created after Jobs' resignation (though it didn't circulate on a wider scale until after Jobs' death) places a white Apple logo on a black background.

Mak's design was praised by celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and has been seen on merchandise including t-shirts and mugs being sold on eBay.