Wireless keyboards designed to be used with iOS are Bluetooth devices, so the process for connecting them is the same as any other Bluetooth device. Apple’s own wireless keyboard is Bluetooth powered -and very lovely it is too. However, there are lots of third party, better value keyboards available too. 

To get started, follow the instructions that came with your keyboard to make it “discoverable”. In most cases, you just need to switch it on.

Add a Bluetooth keyboard and, with apps like Pages and Numbers, you can turn your iPad into a mobile office.

Next, go to Settings on your iPad and choose “Bluetooth”. Turn Bluetooth on. Your iPad scans for Bluetooth enabled devices in the vicinity and your keyboard should be discovered. Select the keyboard to connect to it.

A dialogue prompt will appear on screen with a PIN for you type on the keyboard. Type it in and you’ll be all set to begin using the keyboard with your iPad.

When you’ve finished using the keyboard, remember to turn it off. This is important for two reasons. Firstly it saves on batteries. Secondly, a connected Bluetooth keyboard will continue sending key presses to your iOS device. If you’re ever “pocket texted” someone, you’ll know how badly that can turn out.

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