Due to a malfunction, numerous iOS apps stopped working for about half an hour on 10 July 2020.

There were apparently hundreds of broken apps included Spotify, Deezer, booking.com, Pinterest and Tinder, and many games. The reason for the malfunction is thought to have been the Facebook API.

A discussion about the bug flared up in the forums of the Github platform, where developers exchange information, with many reporting that their apps no longer worked on iOS.

Github users suggested that that the Facebook developer kit was responsible for the problems. This was apparent from the damage reports that developers received from the crashes.

By 2.50 many apps were working again. The Macworld team was able to successfully launch Spotify, Deezer and Booking.com.

However, if you are unable to launch the apps, this workaround could help: Disconnect from the Internet by shutting off mobile data and WiFi (you could switch on Airplane Mode). After doing so you should find that apps can be started again.

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Translated from the original story on Macwelt by Karen Haslam.