Recently, Intel ran a high-profile advertising campaign in which it launched a fierce attack on Apple's decision to replace the company's processors with its own M1 chips. As extra salt in the wound, the company hired Justin Long, an actor who had previously advertised for Apple.

However, in an interview with Yahoo Finance, Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger says that he enjoys the competition from Apple. He also says he would be more than happy to see a new collaboration where Intel manufactures Apple chips, something that is currently done by the Taiwanese firm TSMC.

"We want to present great options for [Apple] to leverage our foundry services as well, just like we're working with Qualcomm and Microsoft to leverage our foundry. We're going to be delivering great technology, some things that can't be done anywhere else in the world," Gelsinger says in the interview.

At time of writing, Apple has not commented on the interview. But it seems likely that Intel has burned its bridges with Apple fairly comprehensively with its latest advertising campaign - which wasn't the first time it criticised the M1 chips, having previously published a widely derided set of benchmarks showing its own processors outperforming Apple's silicon.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.