Subband Software has announced MacAmp 2.0.0.

MacAmp, formerly called AMP Radio, turns a Mac into a home audio system. Like Apple's iTunes, it can connect to Internet-radio stations on the SHOUTcast and Icecast protocols. The app will playback audio files, including MP3, CD Audiuo, AIFF, .wav, MIDI, MP2 and the new Ogg Vorbis audio format.

MacAmp can broadcast live radio-streams straight from a Mac for free (though users pay their own online-connection charges).

The app also offers a selection of digital-sound processing plug-ins, including a graphics equalizer and a mono enhancer.

MP3 recording The application can record any MP3 stream with the click of a button, including Internet-radio transmissions and individual MP3 songs. Other audio formats can be recorded as AIFF files.

Other new features include an improved playlist feature, with an improved random mode.

MacAmp 2.0.0 is available as a free 14-day time-limited demo. The streaming-recording feature in demo mode is limited to three minutes at a time. Registration costs $15.