Apple boss Tim Cook has been stepping up for an unusual quantity of media duties lately. Following his announcement on CBS This Morning of details of the company's Racial Equity and Justice Initiative, he appeared on Fox News Sunday last weekend in an interview headed as Power Player Of The Week.

But some viewers will have been more intrigued by the one question Cook declined to answer than the many that he did.

In the interview, which lasts a little less than eight minutes, Cook fields a range of questions from Fox TV presenter Chris Wallace. Asked for his views of the rabid images of the US Capitol amid violent riots on 6 January, he calls it an attack on democracy and says it feels like an alternate reality.

Cook, who replaced the late Apple co-founder Steve Jobs at the helm of the Cupertino company, also explains why Parler was banned from the App Store, and discusses what fascinates him most about his job at Apple, and the launch of the Apple Watch, the first independent new product at Apple since Jobs' death.

But the interview gets particularly exciting from around 6:50, when Wallace asks Cook directly about the Apple Car. Tim Cook responds with a happy laugh and says he cannot comment on the topic.

The journalist points out that he is the boss, after all, and that he can decide whether to comment or not. Cook again laughs and says he has decided not to say anything. "Touché!" he adds.

The interview is available on Fox News' Twitter account.

There seems to be reliable evidence that Apple and Hyundai want to work closely together on an Apple Car. The two companies could make a joint public announcement as early as March of this year.

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This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by David Price.