Many details about the upcoming iOS 14 have appeared recently, such as a new PencilKit for iOS, updates for iMessage and a new home screen. It now looks like these leaks all came from an early version of iOS 14 that hackers, bloggers and security researchers have had access to since February, Vice reports.

Sources in the jailbreaking community confirmed to the site that an unnamed individual bought a development iPhone 11 running an internal build of iOS 14 from vendors in China for thousands of dollars, extracted the build and distributed it among jailbreakers and hackers.

Rumours and information about upcoming operating systems are not uncommon, but it's clearly unusual for a full version of the system to leak so far in advance of the launch - most likely eight months ahead of the public roll-out.

As usual, Apple will showcase the first beta version of iOS 14 at the upcoming WWDC 2020 show starting on 22 June.

Here's why the iOS 14 leak is a big problem for Apple.

This article originally appeared on MacWorld Sweden. Translation by David Price.