The latest beta versions of iOS 14, and also the Golden Master version that was released just before the final public launch, include two hidden new categories of HomeKit accessories, reports AppleInsider.

It was the Twitter user @Herrsupereg who first made the discovery that media players ("Television Set Top Box") and streaming sticks ("Television Streaming Stick") had been added as new categories. In the fifth beta version, where he spotted the categories, there were no icons for these, but they were later added in the Golden Master.

Neither Apple nor any manufacturers have mentioned anything about these categories for HomeKit and we still can't say for sure that they will be released - Apple may yet reverse the plan. But as AppleInsider points out, the inclusion of icons in the GM version of iOS 14 implies that the categories are here to stay.

It would be quite surprising if HomeKit support came to, for example, Chromecast and Amazon Fire TV, but other companies who want to compete against these may be more interested.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.