Apple's iOS 15 arrived on 20 September and unfortunately brought with it a number of errors - read: iOS 15 problems and latest version. Now a second point update has arrived fixing several of them, plus a day zero gap.

iOS 15.0.2, which Apple released on 11 October, fixes some bugs that had occurred with the new operating system for the iPhone. For example, pictures stored in the photo library that you received via the Messages app would be deleted if you deleted the associated conversation (see: Photos saved from Messages being deleted), plus leather MagSafe cases that were supposed to be traceable via Find My would not connect to the app - and neither would some AirTags. 

Apple has also fixed bugs in CarPlay (where apps wouldn't open or would disconnect) and one relating to the restoration of an iPhone 13 via iTunes or the Finder.

iOS 15.0.2 also closes a security gap. According to Apple's security notes the gap has already been exploited. The error affected Apple's "IOMobileFrameBuffer" interface that is used to control the screen. A malicious code could lead to overflow of memory and thus gain unauthorized access to kernels. Apple closed a similar error in the same interface in the summer. Jailbreakers use such vulnerabilities to break the system and install a jailbreak.

The closed gap is a good reason to update to iOS 15.0.2. Since we are not yet aware of an official jailbreak for iOS 15 it seems to suggest that the vulnerability could have been used to track iPhone users.

A week ago Apple issued the iOS 15.0.1 update. This update was one week after the release of the final version. Among other things, iOS 15.0.1 solved a problem with unlocking the iPhone via the Apple Watch - something that was no longer possible for some after updating to iOS 15.

Apple's iOS 15 seems to be a little more error-prone than iOS 14 last year. Apple is working on iOS 15.1, which we expect to launch in October. Read: What's in iOS 15.1 for the latest information about what's in the beta. 

This article originally appeared on Macwelt. Translation by Karen Haslam.