Apple has revealed that iOS 7 has seen an impressive 85 per cent adoption rate since it rolled out in September, a figure that shows up Android's hugely fragmented operating system significantly.

In a change to its developer website at the end of on 25 March, Apple revealed that its newest mobile operating system is now running on 85 per cent of iOS devices, according to data collected over the 7-day period ending 23 March. That's up from the 74 per cent Apple boasted at the beginning of December, and the 78 per cent touted at the beginning of January. The increase comes at the expense of iOS 6, which dropped from an 18 per cent share of devices to just 12 per cent - good news for Apple. Just three per cent of iPads, iPhones and iPod touches are still running earlier versions of iOS.

Apple released the significantly redesigned iOS 7 on 18 September alongside its new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c. It's an impressive figure to reach within just six months, particulary when you compare it with the Android figures collected by Google in the 7-day period ending 3 March, which show that just 2.5 per cent of Android devices are running KitKat, the latest version of the operating system, while 62 per cent are running iterations of the earlier Jelly Bean version. 

According to a post on Apple's developer website, all developers will be required to submit apps that are compatible with iOS 7 and built with Xcode 5 as of 1 February, as the company pushes iOS 7 further. Apple hasn't broken down the adoption of iOS 7 to include iOS 7.1 figures, though.