Apple has released iOS 7.1.1, a small new update that adds to the significant iOS 7.1 update for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch that arrived in March, bringing some new features, improvements and tweaks to the mobile operating system.

Apple on 22 April released iOS 7.1.1, just over a month after iOS 7.1 was released, which can be downloaded by going to your device's settings, then clicking General > Software Update.

If you've been using iOS 7.1 since it was released in March, iOS 7.1.1 is unlikely to make a big difference. Apple highlights three main changes in the update: Touch ID improvements (so that's only for iPhone 5s owners), a bug fix for the keyboard that should make it more responsive and a patch for an issue that relates to VoiceOver when using a Bluetooth keyboard. We'll update this article if we spot any further changes that Apple hasn't mentioned.

We expect to see much more exciting changes previewed at WWDC 2014 in June, when Apple is likely to show off iOS 8 for the first time.

Watch our video where we discuss what Apple' might have planned for iOS 8, iPad and iPhone:

If you've yet to update to iOS 7.1, here's a list of the changes, including before and after screenshots to help you compare.

iOS 7.1: CarPlay

iOS 7.1, as promised, brings CarPlay compatibility to iOS 7. You'll need a CarPlay enabled car, though. Find out more about CarPlay here.

iOS 7.1: Siri

Apple has also brought some mprovements to Siri, including the previously highlighted new voices for Siri in the UK (and in other countries, too). Previously, those using Siri in UK English only had a male voice option, but there is now a female voice available by tapping the new Voice Gender option and choosing Female.

In addition to new voices, Apple has also introduced new Siri features including manual control, which Apple explains means users can "manually control when Siri listens by holding down the home button while you speak and releasing it when you're done as an alternative to letting Siri automatically notice when you stop talking."

Listen to the new Siri voices in our video below:

iOS 7.1: Calendar

The Calendar app has recieved a couple of tweaks, too. The first is a new option to display events in month view (above), while the second lets you see country specific holidays.

iOS 7.1: Accessibility

Apple says that it has also improved the Accessibility feature in iOS 7.1, bringing a new bold font option for the keyboard, calculator and many icon glyphs, as well as new reduce motion options for the Weather and Messages apps and multitasking UI and new contrast options.

Chosing darken colours does just what it does on the tin, as illustrated below.

iOS 7.1: Camera

For iPhone 5s owners, Apple has added a new setting to automatically enable HDR mode.

iOS 7.1: Touch ID

Apple says that it has also improved the Touch ID fingerprint recognition with iOS 7.1.

iOS 7.1 for iPhone 4

iPhone 4 owners who've been experiencing difficulties since updating to iOS 7 will be pleased to hear that Apple claims to have improved performance for the device, so some of those issues should now be resolved.

Other improvements include "continued user interface refinements." In other words, you'll notice some design tweaks with the new update. Below are a few examples of the design tweaks as highlighted in the beta version of iOS 7.1, but we'll have some new screenshots for you as soon as we've downloaded and played with iOS 7.1 ourselves.

iOS 7.1: other performance improvements

Did you find that the when swiping to close apps in iOS 7 mutli-tasking sometimes a icon would remain and the iOS app wouldn't have closed (shown below). In our experience with iOS 7.1 we have found that this is no longer the case, with apps closing swiftly and completely.

iOS 7.1: Phone app

One of the most significant changes is to the Phone app. The incoming call and outgoing call screens now have circular call, decline and accept buttons rather than the current rectangular buttons. It looks like the full-screen images that currently appear when calling or being called by a contact with a photo associated have been replaced by small circular icons beside the contact.

iOS 7.1: Keyboard

Apple has tweaked the design of the keyboard in iOS 7.1, making the typography a little bolder and changing the grey to a slightly darker and bluer tone. The shift and delete buttons now have white symbols, rather than the black outline icons they have in iOS 7.0.

iOS 7.1: Power off screen

We're undecided about the new power off screen. Some of us think the circular buttons and rounded slider are an improvement over the rectangular buttons found on the power off screen currently, while others (namely me) think it looks quite horrible.

Apple has replaced the red slide to power off with a translucent slider, and the stylish arrow with a more familiar power icon.

iOS 7.1: Music app

In the iOS 7.1 beta, Apple has also made the Music app's Repeat All and Shuffle All buttons a brighter pink with white text. 

iOS 7.1: Other tweaks

Other iOS 7.1 tweaks include slightly brighter icons and the ability to turn parallax on or off when setting wallpapers rather than having to go deep into the Settings menu to do so.

iOS 7.1: duller green

Apple has also dulled down the bright (sometimes decribed as toxic) green of several app icons.

Other design tweaks are shown below, with the iOS 7 version on the left and iOS 7.1 version on the right.

In the control panel, Apple has removed the track bar to replace it with an acknowledgement of the app that's currently playing audio. Here it was the Music app, but when playing audio through BBC iPlayer it said BBC iPlayer there instead.

icons within the weather app are now coloured in.

There is a new 'No Missed Notifications' message.

There are also rearranged options in Settings and new Passcode option in main Settings screen.

iOS 7.1 closes jailbreak loophole - Evasi0n7 tool won't work any more

Along with the design tweaks and new features, iOS 7.1 reportedly prevents the recently released iOS 7 jailbreak tool from Evasi0n working. As reported in Cult of Mac, an Evasi0n team member named iH8sn0w said on Twitter on Tuesday:

But this is fairly normal in the world of jailbreaking - as CoM puts it, "The dance begins anew" - and Evasi0n will no doubt be hard at work coming up with a tool that can breach iOS 7.1.

What do you think of the update? We'd love to know your thoughts.