First revealed at Apple's Spring press event in March, Apple Arcade is an upcoming subscription service that allows you to play an exclusive selection of iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV games as much as you like for a single monthly fee. In this article, we cover all the essential launch details: the release date and pricing, the games included and how it will all work.

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What is Apple Arcade?

Arcade is a (primarily iOS, although it also covers tvOS and macOS) games subscription service: the much-hyped 'Netflix for games' that pundits have been expecting for years. You pay a repeating monthly fee, which allows you to play any of the games covered by the service as often as you like.

This won't include all the games on the App Store. Not by a long shot. The sell is that this much smaller selection (around 100 games) offers quality and discoverability - and after all, 100 games is more than enough to occupy the average person.

The service is aimed at premium games, high-quality titles that charge upfront rather than the free-to-play games that rely on adverts and in-app payments (and which dominate the App Store at present, to some fans' chagrin - although Apple made an effort not to denigrate such games as part of the announcement). Apple Arcade won't feature any adverts or additional payments.

Arcade also isn't designed to compete with cloud-based streaming services from the likes of Microsoft and Sony, or the Google Stadia service announced earlier in 2019. These kinds of services stream games from company servers; in Apple Arcade, games are downloaded to the device and can then be played offline.

Apple says you'll be able to start a game on one device and pick up your progress on another that's signed into the same account, but to achieve this you'll obviously need some way for the devices to communicate with iCloud or (at the very least) each other.

You'll access Arcade from a dedicated tab on the App Store app.

Why is Apple launching this service?

iOS is the biggest gaming platform on the planet, but it feels like this happened almost by accident, as a side effect of the iPhone's unprecedented success. Apple has struggled to understand gaming, and to keep the App Store free of poor-quality and semi-cloned games. Many creatively ambitious games developers have walked away from iOS because it's so hard to thrive there.

That could all be about to change, and we're very excited to hear it. Apple is going to partially fund the development of the games on Arcade, and this protective umbrella will enable niche and risky games to get in front of a larger audience without the pressure to shift units. Somebody might not risk £5 on the weird-looking game they could end up loving, but if it's included in Arcade they're more likely to give it a try.

Which games are included?

More than 100 games will feature, but we haven't got a complete list yet. Below we list some of the biggest that we do know about. (If you'd like to know which are the most promising and coolest-looking of these, read our roundup of the best Apple Arcade games, and our list of all Apple Arcade games for an overview of the service's offering as a whole.)

We should get a full list closer to the launch, although the list won't be static; new games will be added "on a regular basis". (If you're a developer and would like to get in on the action, contact Apple now.)

It appears some games will be written specifically for Arcade, and that they will be both new and exclusive - Apple calls it "a collection of brand new games that will not be available on any other mobile platform or in any other subscription service". The games won't even be available to buy via the App Store!

But it's very important to note the specific way Apple is using the word exclusive there. They are not on other mobile smartphone platforms (ie Android) but they could be on all sorts of other platforms - Shantae 5, for instance, has been announced for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC as well as Arcade, and most people would regard the Switch as a mobile platform.

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Apple Arcade games service release date & price: Sonic Racing

Release date

Apple Arcade will launch in autumn 2019 across 150 countries. We haven't got a definite date just yet.

On stage at WWDC on 3 June 2019 Tim Cook reiterated that Apple Arcade will launch laer in the year, but gave no actual date.


We don't know pricing details yet, although we do know that, as with News+, the standard fee will include Family Sharing, so up to six people will be able to share a subscription.

According to reports, Apple will collect the monthly fees from subscribers and the revenue from these subscriptions will then be divided up between developers based on how much time users spent playing their game.

Which devices support Apple Arcade?

Apple Arcade is available on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV.