A number of clues in an internal beta of iOS 13 strongly hint that Apple is about to release a new hardware product: a 'Tag' miniature tracking device that will let you view the location of keys, wallets and other important items via the new Find My app.

This appears to be Apple's answer to the Tile range of products. It could take the form of a sticker which you apply to whatever you want to track, but seems more likely to be a little circular disc. We thought it was likely to launch at the iPhone 11 Pro launch event on 10 September but that didn't happen.

MacRumors has seen an internal build of iOS 13 (incorporating features and updates not visible in the public betas) that gives the game away with graphical assets not intended for public consumption.

Most obviously, there's an image of what appears to be the tracker itself - although this may be placeholder art or an earlier prototype, and therefore the released product may look significantly different.

Apple to unveil 'Tag' object tracker: MacRumors artwork

There's also an updated interface for the new version of the Find My iPhone app. This app - destined to be called simply 'Find My' in iOS 13, combining the old Find My iPhone and Find My Friends apps into a single interface - has three panes: People, Devices, and Items. The first two correspond to friends and Apple products, but the third points to items tagged with the new tracker.

Pundits believe the interface will let you view tagged objects in augmented reality.

Apple to unveil 'Tag' object tracker: Find My Items

Respected Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has given the rumour his backing. In a research note Kuo has said that the tags will be based on UWB (ultra-wideband) technology, which uses minimal power and offers high locational accuracy within a building.

Electronic Design (via MacRumors, again) notes that UWB is "able to effectively measure distance between two devices with 5 to 10cm accuracy, compared to roughly 5m accuracy for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth".

MacRumors' discoveries offer the strongest evidence yet for an imminent announcement, but this isn't a new rumour.

9to5Mac wrote about the device back in June, after finding that an earlier iOS 13 beta contained similar product artwork (this version appears as this article's lead image), labelled as "Tag1,1" - for this reason we believe that the product could be called Tag. But without the context provided by the Find My interface, it was far more difficult at the time to be sure what the artwork depicted.

In other contexts the device has been known under the code name B389, but it would clearly be a huge surprise if Apple didn't manage to come up with something a little catchier.

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