Within hours of releasing an iOS 8 update to address assorted bugs in the new iPhone and iPad operating system Apple has been forced to pull the patch, which itself was causing iPhone 6 and 6 Plus users grief.

Reports filled Apple support forums that the iOS 8 update was cutting off users' cell service and making Touch ID inoperable.

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Apple is said to be working on a fix for the fix, which had been expected. In the meantime, those who downloaded 8.0.1 are manually reinstalling the earlier iOS 8. Apple-specific blogs have been dishing out advice as well to help those whose devices are now on the fritz.

The 8.0.1 update was designed to address a handful of issues, including accidental deselecting of third-party keyboards, problems with accessing photos from some apps and ringtones getting lost in the cloud. As we reported yesterday, early iOS 8 adopters were also experiencing high crash rates.