18:01 - No sign of this iOS 7 update. According to Software Update on my iPhone I am running iOS 6.1.4 and my software is up to date. 

18:30 - News that people are getting alerts and the software is available for download, I keep checking my iPhone. Settings > General > Software Update and getting the message “Unable to Check for Update”. I guess everyone is doing the same. 

19:17 - Finally, Software Update tells me that iOS 7 is available and I click Download and Install and Agree to the terms and conditions.  

19:35 - The phone seems to be busy downloading. “Estimating time remaining”...

19:50 - 33 - My iPhone is promising it will take 9 more minutes. I start getting excited. 

19:42 - I clearly spoke to soon. Now I get an error message: “Software Update Failed. An error occurred downloading iOS 7.0”. 

19:45 - I start the download again. This time it tells me: “About 18 hours remaining”. 

19:59 - That was a quick four hours, now it reckons: “About 14 hours remaining”. Time for a change of tactic. 

20:01 - This is a job for iTunes... Of course, iTunes has an update to download too: iTunes 11.1 - so that’s another thing vying for broadband. I am sent packing to the Mac App Store and there’s a Mountain Lion update waiting for me. This is going to be a long evening. 

20:02 - Down to 12 hours remaining now. You are probably wondering how fast my broadband is. I usually get 12MB/s. 

20:08 - While my Mac restarts after downloading the Mountain Lion update, I test my broadband speed. 11.99MB/s. I also use the Battery Saver app to reallocate memory on my iPhone 5. 

20:09 - Now time to turn to iTunes. This is odd. It’s still at version 11.0.2. iTunes > Check for updates... That throws me back to App Store, which seems to be suffering from the same overcrowding as the Apple server that are dishing out iOS 7. It appears that iTunes 11.1 isn’t available. 

20:16 - I decide to ignore the fact that iTunes wants version 11.1 and just go for the update. I select my iPhone (which is plugged into my Mac) from the side bar on the left. It tells me “A newer version of iPhone software is available (version 7.0),” and suggests I click Update. 

20:17 - This is really trying. It wants me to download iTunes 11.1. Damn it! 

20:19 - Over on my iPhone, iOS 7 still has about 12 hours remaining. 

20:22 - While the Mac is restarting, again, I switch my iPhone to Airplane Mode, to stop it hogging the bandwidth, if it is. With no usable technology I go and wash up the dinner things. 

20:33 - The Mac has restarted, but still no iTunes 11.1, so I’m in App Store “Checking for updates”. It’s not having a lot of luck with its checking. 

20:37 - Yay! The Mac App Store has located the iTunes 11.1 update. The 141MB update is supposed to take a minute. 

20:39 - Still waiting... 

20:40 - Well, finally that’s iTunes 11.1 installed. Now for iOS 7...

20:41 - Small issue of purchases that I haven’t transferred to my iTunes library... I decide that if this is going to take all night I should do it properly. I choose to Manually Back Up the iPhone to the computer. Mind you, it probably is overkill, my last iCloud Backup was yesterday at 23:20. 

20:43 - Now it’s possible that it’s because my iPhone is now syncing with my Mac, but I’ve got another error message saying the “Software Update Failed”. That's it for the iPhone. It's had it's chance. 

20:45 - I hope I have enough space on my Mac... I know how much space those apps take up (I’m frequently deleting them from the iTunes folders to make space). 

20:53 - It’s Syncing Tones to my iPhone. Exciting times. 

20:58 - I’m all backed up and ready to go. Yes, I would like to update to version 7.0. Thank you very much. 

20:59 - It’s insisting that I have purchases that I haven’t transferred to iTunes, still, but frankly enough is enough. Continue. 

21:00 - It’s nearly two hours since I first started attempting to download iOS 7. iTunes is telling me the download will take 17 minutes. 

21:07 - Eight minutes remaining, according to iTunes. 

21:11 - 4 minutes remaining...

21:13 - No!!!!! Now it says: “There was a problem downloading the software for the iPhone “Karen’s iPhone”. An unknown error occurred (9006). Can’t be that unknown if it has a number!  

21:14 - Right then Google what have you got for me. Ah. A report that a iOS 7 error is “plaguing users in iTunes”. 

After two hours of trying, I might just take a break from this nonsense. Let us know how you get on and when I feel like trying again I'll let you know how I get on. 


21:44 - Somethings you can’t give up on (and I kind of need it to do my job). So it’s back to the iPhone. Now it’s saying iOS 7 will take 17 minutes to download. 

21:46 - Download time has slipped to 38 minutes now. 

21:52 - Now it’s gone up to 1 hour... Hold on... 40 minutes. 

21:58 - 6 minutes. It’s the last stretch. Will it make it? 

22:08 - Preparing Update. I’m not sure I’ve ever got this far before, fingers crossed. 

22:09 - Please work. 

22:17 - It’s still busy Preparing Update...

22:23 - Surely it’s not going to be much longer... I have to admit, I am expecting it to offer up another error message any minute now. 

22:25 - Installation message! 


22:26 - Verifying update. Fingers crossed (or they would be if I wasn’t typing this).  

22:26 - Noooo! Software Update Unavailable! Software Update is not available at this time. Try again later. 

22:27 - We’ll at least now it says it’s downloaded. So, I guess it’s a matter of waiting for the greyed out Install Now button to start working.

22:39 - Install Now button is now functioning

22:40 - Back to Verifying Update  

22:43 - My iPhone just turned off. When it reawakes it will be reborn! 

22:44 - Apple logo... Oooh this is exciting. Weird white screen with Apple logo and thin progress bar. Which is making slow progress, but progress it is!  

22:55 - Restarting again?  

22:56 - Hola! Halo! Bonjour! 


22:57 - Slide to set up - and for ages I’m sliding the wrong way and thinking it doesn’t work...

22:58 - Update complete.