Apple has released iOS 7, and, after the struggles experienced by many of us when it came to updating our iPads and iPhones, we've got a brand-new look for our devices.

Apple has given most of its apps a makeover, and it's not the only one. Many app developers have also updated their apps to bring the design in-line with iOS 7's simpler and more minimalist appearance.

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Among the apps that have new iOS 7-style redesigns are Evernote, eBay, Twitter and Facebook, all of which have ditched skeuomorphism, added transparency and simplified the overall design.

Here, we bring you a selection of before and after images so you can see how much the look of the software for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch has changed now that iOS 7 has arrived. All of the images below show iOS 6's version of the app on the left, compared with the iOS 7 update on the right.

Apple's Photos app


Apple's Music app – Albums


Apple's Music app – Artists










There are some apps that haven’t changed in the move from iOS 6 to iOS 7. Still unapologetically skeuomorphic (to borrow a phrase from Sir Jony Ive), is Hipstamatic.

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