As Apple's lightning quick iOS 8 adoption rates gather pace, with 46% of devices already downloading the software, has the remaining 54% been turned off by reports of sluggish Wi-Fi and battery draining issues?

Detailed on the company's official website, the Apple Developer portal paints a rosy picture for the newly released update, as iOS 8 adoption on iPhones, iPads and iPods sits just 3% behind that of iOS 7, which edges ahead on 49%.

Measured by the App Store on September 21, the figures aren't out of character in terms of Apple's software adoption, yet worryingly for Android, its 10-month-old KitKat platform lags behind at under 25% uptake.

But the rapid transition comes despite murmurings of both cellular and Wi-Fi problems, as revealed on the Apple Support Communities page.

Headlined 'ios 8 battery drain issue and Bluetooth issues', one user posted:

My battery drains very fast (100% to zero in about 4 hours with minimal usage), started happening right after I upgraded to iOS 8. Issue started happening both on my iPhone 5S and on my iPad Air after iOS 8 upgrade.

I am also having bluetooth issues on my iPhone 5S, the bluetooth sync in my car behaves very weirdly after I link it up with my phone. It tries to call one of my contacts and then hangs up. It goes in this loop for ever.

Can someone help ?? iPhone 5s, iOS 8

Whether such glitches prove to be isolated incidents remain to be seen, but with nearly half of Cupertino's devices already embracing iOS 8, just five days since its launch, Apple will be quietly confident of maintaining its early momentum.