According to a new report from analysts at Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC), it will take until 2023 for Apple to replace the LCD screen in the current iPad Air with one based on OLED.

"Apple's entry into the OLED tablet market expected in 2023 will boost the tablet market to over $1bn [in OLED revenues] in 2024," the site predicts. "We expect Touch Bars to be exceeded by tablets when Apple starts the adoption of the 10.9in AMOLED iPad."

It had previously been rumoured (as recently as last month, in fact) that the iPad Air would gain an OLED screen in 2022, and DSCC's take may yet prove to be overly pessimistic.

Nevertheless, we can draw from this a good sense of the long-term future of the iPad line, at least in terms of screens: LCD in the standard iPad, OLED in the iPad Air and mini-LED in the iPad Pro (12.9in right now, and likely the 11in in future). The differences between the various models will be clearer than at present - but this latest report suggests the tiers won't be established for a couple of years yet.

With OLED put off, what can we expect from the next iPad Air model? A more powerful processor, of course, and better cameras. You can read all the latest rumours in our new iPad Air hub.

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This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation and additional reporting by David Price.