How much will the iPad Air (formerly known as iPad 5) cost in the UK? And when will it be available? We've got all the details you need for iPad Air UK release date and UK price.

For more details about the new iPads, watch our video of an Apple exec demonstrating the iPad Air to us at the Apple Event on 22 October (sorry about the annoying laughter in the background, crowded/busy room!) 

The iPad Air will be available online and in Apple Stores across the UK from 1 November, and will start at £399. 

The Wi-Fi-only models will cost £399 (16GB), £479 (32GB), £559 (64GB) and £639 (128GB). The models with cellular/3G/4G connectivity will cost a hundred pounds more at each capacity point: £499 (16GB), £579 (32GB), £659 (64GB) and £739 (128GB).

In other words, the iPad Air will come in at the same price currently asked for the iPad 4, which wil be discontinued. Apple will continue to sell the venerable iPad 2 as a budget alternative.

iPad Air UK price

The iPad Air will be available in two colour schemes: silver-and-white, and space-grey-and-black.

iPad Air UK price

iPad Air in white and silver

iPad Air UK price

iPad Air in black and space grey

iPad Air price in the UK: Our predictions

For those who are interested, we've left our original predictions for the iPad Air's price on the next page (although of course we expected it to be called iPad 5), so you can see how close we got. >>

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