How much will the new iPad mini 2 cost in the UK? Has Apple continued to sell the iPad mini at a lower price? Read on to find out...

Apple has unveiled its new iPad mini, which is officially called the iPad mini with Retina display, but we still can't seem to shake the iPad mini 2 nickname. Apple has started selling the iPad mini with Retina display on it's online store. As yet it hasn't confirmed when the new iPad will be available in stores. Read more here: Retina iPad mini 2 release date, specs, features

How much does the new iPad mini 2 cost?

It looks like the introduction of a new Retina display has forced Apple to up the price of the iPad mini 2, so it's now £50 more expensive than the original iPad mini.

Now, the iPad mini 2 starts at £319 rather than the £269 that the original iPad mini used to sell for.

Here's the pricing breakdown.

WiFi only 16GB: £319

WiFi only 32GB: £399

WiFi only 64GB: £479

WiFi only 128GB: £559

WiFi + Cellular 16GB: £419

WiFi + Cellular 32GB: £499

WiFi + Cellular 64GB: £579

WiFi + Cellular 128GB: £659

Can I still buy the iPad mini?

Yes! Apple's original iPad mini lives on, and is now the cheapest iPad available to buy from Apple.

How much does the iPad mini cost in the UK?

The iPad mini is now only available with 16GB of storage. For the WiFi-only model, it'll cost you £249. If you want the Cellular option, you'll pay an extra £100, at £349.

For more details about the new iPads, watch our video of an Apple exec demonstrating the iPad Air to us at the Apple Event on 22 October (sorry about the annoying laughter in the background, crowded/busy room!)