Amazon's new Kindle Fire HDX advert pokes fun at Apple, mocking the company's design guru Jony Ive and highlighting some features that Amazon's 8.9in tablet does better than Apple's new iPad Air.

Compared to some of the other anti-Apple adverts we've seen (from Microsoft and Samsung, for example), Amazon's is quite tame and playful.

It comments on the "magical" iPad Air's display, noting that the Kindle Fire "nearly a million more pixels", and points out that the Kindle Fire is 20 per cent lighter than the iPad Air. This is in part due to the smaller size of the Kindle Fire in question, though, which has an 8.9in display rather than the 9.7in display found on the iPad Air.

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The advert ends with a note about the price, highlighting that the Kindle Fire HDX is more than $100 cheaper (it starts at £329 in the UK compared with the iPad Air's £399).

To add a further jibe to the advert, Amazon used a British accent similar to Apple's Jony Ive's to represent the iPad Air.

The advert, which appeared on the Kindle YouTube channel on Friday, has been viewed more than 72,000 times, but has had a mixed reception, with almost an even amount of Likes and Dislikes.

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