Apple has launched the iPad mini that fans wanted originally: the iPad mini with Retina display. It will go on sale in late November, following the launch of the iPad Air on 1st November. See also: iPad mini 2 review of reviews - what do the experts say about the iPad mini with Retina Display?

That original iPad mini will continue to sell alongside the new model at a reduced price of £249 for the Wi-Fi version, and £349 for the 3G model. Both have 16GB of storage.

The second-gen iPad mini will cost £50 more than the old 16GB version (when it was selling for the original £269 price), which makes it £319. That's not too bad considering the screen quality and performance on offer.

Since 16GB isn't really enough when you have a Retina display, that puts the 32GB version as the minimum realistic option and that costs a whopping £399 - the same as the 16GB iPad Air.

The 64GB costs £479 and a 128GB (the new capacity) model will set you back £559.

iPad mini with Retina display: Wi-Fi + 3G / 4G LTE prices

Add £100 to each capacity and you have the prices for the 3G / 4G models. (Don't forget you also get a GPS receiver in the cellular models - something that's missing from Wi-Fi-only iPads).

So the 16GB version costs £419, 32GB is £499, 64GB cost £579 and the flagship iPad mini is now the 128GB cellular which costs £659.

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