BT has updated its BT WiFi app for iOS, bringing automatic hotspot connectivity to iPhone and iPad. BT Broadband customers and BT WiFi customers in the UK can now automatically connect to the company's 5.2 million hotspots around the country.

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With the BT WiFi app installed, iPad and iPhone owners will find that their device will automatically connect to WiFi without requiring any user input whenever they're in a hotspot area.

BT Broadband packages come with free unlimited BT WiFi access, but those without a BT Broadband package can still use the hotspots. For instant BT WiFi, you can pay between £4.00 for one hour and £39 for one month of BT WiFi access. Alternatively, there's a BT WiFi subscription service available from £6 per month.

"Latest figures show that BT WiFi use has more than doubled in the last quarter to 6.6bn minutes," said Erik Raphael, Director of BT WiFi and devices. "As demand is increasing, it makes sense that customers can automatically connect to our hotspots. Our new iOS app connects a customer whenever they are near a hotspot without the need to open the app again. This makes it even easier to find and use BT WiFi.