The iPad 6 is almost here, and has already entered mass production, according to Bloomberg's sources (who asked not to be named - make of that what you will).

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The sources added that the next full-size iPad (whether called iPad 6, iPad Air 2 or another name TBC) will be revealed by Apple near the end of this quarter or early in the next one. That puts the launch event around September or October - which is when we expected it all along.

Bloomberg sounds a note of warning, however, with the suggestion that a new anti-reflective coating planned for the iPad 6 is causing manufacturing problems. This may mean that supplies of the iPad 6 are relatively restricted in the weeks following launch.

We can't comment on the reliability of Bloomberg's sources, of course, but the evidence is mounting that the next iPad will be revealed in the next couple of months: several 'dummy' prototypes have been spotted in the wild, and many analysts point to a launch shortly after the iPhone 6 makes it debut - which is expected on 9 September.

Features-wise, we think the iPad 6/iPad Air 2 will see a more conservative overhaul than last year's major physical redesign; it's possible that we'll only see a new processor and Touch ID added to the iPad Air. (Dummy models suggest the speakers will be at least cosmetically redesigned, however.)

An alternative rumour holds that two full-size iPads will launch together, with the larger of the two named iPad Pro.

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