Microsoft updated its three Office for iPad apps--Word, PowerPoint, and Excel--with new features including PDF exporting, presentation views, and even a new flick gesture.

The three apps have been officially upgraded to version 1.1 inside the Apple App Store. Microsoft announced Office for iPad in March, where the elegant port of Microsoft's office suite has so far received (mostlyglowing reviews. "Millions" of users have downloaded the apps, according a blog post by Microsoft's Office team on Thursday.

Although both PowerPoint and Excel received their own unique updates, several features were added to all three apps, including the frequently asked-for ability to export documents as PDF files. Users can also manually crop photos and images in all three apps using a new crop tool that allows you to choose from a list of popular preset sizes, or create your own. (A reset button is also included.) Finally, Office for iPad also has the ability to import external fonts.

PowerPoint: Presentation Mode added

The most dramatic update to the PowerPoint app is the addition of Presentation Mode, allowing users to view their notes on their tablet while projecting the formal presentation on another screen. (Google's rival Chromebox for Meetings, coincidentally, added this feature as well this week.) PowerPoints can now be enhanced by background music, or the addition of video. Additionally, new eraser and open settings make annotations even easier, according to Microsoft.

Excel: Hooray, external keyboards!

As any data-entry specialist has realized, an external keyboard can be essential to the task. With the update, that feature has been added to the app.

In addition, Excel has added the ability to interact with PivotTables that have source data in the same workbook, and improved print options.

One nifty little gesture also appears: when you "flick" from a cell with data in it, all of the cells along that row or column will be selected, out through the next open cell. That's a handy way of avoiding trying to pick and choose cells, or navigating menu options.

Microsoft Word didn't receive any unique updates, Microsoft said.

Microsoft has said previously that the company is busy working to put its services on as many platforms as possible. The updates to Office for iPad help that cause.