Syncing an iPad/iPhone and iTunes used to mean that you had to plug your tablet into your Mac or PC and either sit and watch the progress bar or leave it and pop back whenever you thought it might be ready. Happily, there is now a better solution to syncing your iPad or iPhone.

Now you can keep your iPad/iPhone and iTunes account on your PC or Mac in tune without wires. No more hunting around for that white cable. Never again will you have to scrabble around under your desk as you attempt to plug the USB cable into your PC.

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Wireless syncing works when both your iPad/iPhone and computer are connected to the same wireless network and your tablet is connected to a power source. You’ll have to keep your computer on and running iTunes, too. This means that you can leave your iPad/iPhone charging overnight and wake up to a fully synced tablet and iTunes.

The more content you’ve purchased the longer this will take, but wireless sync covers everything: applications, music, bookmarks, books, contacts calendars, movies, photos, notes, documents and ringtones are all synced wirelessly over your network.

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When your iPad/iPhone is connected to a power source and the Wi-Fi network it will show up just as it would were it plugged into your computer via a USB cable. This means you can change settings and other options wirelessly, too.

Step 1: Connect your iPad - Connect the iPad/iPhone to your computer using the Lightning cable and open iTunes. If you have an iPad mini, click iPad mini in the top-right (or click Devices then iPad mini, if more than one device is connected).

Step 2: Start Wireless Sync - In iTunes, click the Summary tab then, under the Options section, tick the box next to ‘Sync With This iPad Over Wi-Fi’. Now click Apply in the iTunes window.

Step 3: Connect to Wi-Fi - Make sure the iPad mini is connected to a network by going to Settings and tapping Network, Wi-Fi. Select your wireless network and enter the password if required.

Step 4: Sync wirelessly - To ensure that your wireless sync is set up, disconnect your iPad mini from your computer and plug it in to a power source. Open the Settings app and tap on ‘iTunes Wi-Fi Sync’. 

Step 5: Sync apps - With the iPad mini showing in iTunes, click on the Apps tab. Here you can choose which apps to sync to your iPad mini. Click on Install next to the apps you want to add to the iPad.

Step 6: Arrange apps - You can rearrange the position of app icons and folders using the Home Screens and individual folder windows to the right. Drag app icons on top of one another to create folders.

Step 7: Add content - Use the Music, Films, TV Programmes and other tabs to decide what other content you want from iTunes to be added to the iPad.

Step 8: Sync it over - Keep an eye on the Storage bar at the bottom of the screen. This lets you know how much space is free. Click the Sync button in the bottom right when you are ready to sync items.