Further evidence has emerged to strengthen rumours that the upcoming iPhone will come with a braided Lightning cable.

It's strongly rumoured that Apple will leave both headphones and power adapter out of the box for the iPhone 12, but there is small consolation in the theory that the Lightning cord - which will be bundled, and in fact will be pretty much the only non-iPhone item in the box - may be of a slightly higher quality. And on Thursday, the well-known Twitter leaker @L0vetodream published photos of what are alleged to be USB-C-to-Lightning cables intended for the new iPhone 12 handsets.

The tweet has since been deleted, which always makes leaks more alluring. Before this happened, the images were snagged by 9to5Mac, whose composite of the photos we've used as this article's main image.

The new braided cable is expected to be a bit more durable, and we always recommend braided designs for this reason. (There are several of them in our Best Lightning cables roundup.)

It is also noteworthy that the cable, based on the photos, will be available in white and black colour finishes, which would be a first for a bundled iPhone cable - they've always been white. It wouldn't, however, be the first time Apple has released a black Lightning cable: the iMac Pro came with a Lightning cord for charging its wireless keyboard, and this matched its Space Grey livery.

iMac Pro black Lightning cable

(Update: Apple has filed for a patent to improve the Lightning cable, read: Apple patents fix for fraying Lightning cables)

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.