The Apple rumour mill has been flip-flopping like mad lately. Pundits simply can't decide when this autumn's new iPhone models will be launched.

The latest flip - or possibly flop - comes from the Wall Street Journal, which claims production will be delayed by a month as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. This does have some basis in earlier reports, however, as the highly regarded analyst Ming-Chi Kuo had previously made a similar forecast.

This would mean sales starting in October at the earliest, something that Apple has done in the past - the iPhone X, for example, was announced in September 2017 but preorders didn't open until almost the end of October. But do bear in mind that at present this remains speculation, and in any case it is quite possible that, as with the iPhone X, Apple will manage to at least announce the new handsets in September.

We should add that October wouldn't be a bad result, all things considered. We had previously heard that the iPhone 12 might not be here until 2021. See what we mean about flip-flopping?

In related news, Apple is also rumoured to be making fewer units of the new iPhones than expected, again due to the current economic downturn that has caused many people to lose their jobs, including at the company's own suppliers. For people struggling to make ends meet, a new mobile phone is hardly at the top of the agenda.

This article originally appeared on MacWorld Sweden. Translation by David Price. Main image by Svetapple.