Anyone who has previously appreciated Apple's way of bundling its products in well-designed, classy packaging may have their expectations raised further this autumn for the upcoming launch of the iPhone 12.

Several rumours point to Apple leaving out the headphones and charger from the next-generation iPhone, but there are positives to take from this: because fewer items will need to fit in the packaging, it can be made thinner, saving on environmental impact and shipping costs.

If we are to believe the latest pronouncement from respected leaker and Twitter user L0vetodream, who has had lots to say about upcoming Apple gadgets, the company will take this chance to make the iPhone box even thinner, and "exquisite".

What an "exquisite" iPhone box looks like remains to be seen, but the rumours of ditched chargers and headphones are looking increasingly plausible.

This article originally appeared on Macworld Sweden. Translation by David Price.