Mark your calendars: the iPhone 12 will be unveiled at a special Apple event on 13 October.

That's according to an anonymous tip sent to AppleInsider, so it calls for a certain amount of faith in human nature; another anonymous leaker, after all, assured us that the iPhone would appear on 15 September and we all know how that went. But the credentials of this source appear fairly good: they claim to work for a carrier in the Netherlands, and AppleInsider says "the message's IP address is one within a range controlled by a carrier's corporate network".

Crucially - and this is markedly different from the 15 September prediction, which went against all accepted pundit wisdom - this tip fits with what we already know. An event on 13 October makes sense because it's a Tuesday, same as the 15 September event, and it would fit with the comment by EE's boss, on 22 September, that the iPhone 12 was "just days away" (if you consider three weeks "just days"; it's a highly debatable point).

It also matches Prosstradamus's prediction that the device would appear in the week commencing 12 October; he has now added the additional info that the event will be on 13 October, pre-orders will start on 16 October and phones will arrive in stores on 23 October.

It just feels right: it gives the media time to digest and review the Time Flies announcements, while still being early enough to work with the holiday buying season. Apple has launched an iPhone in October in the past, of course.

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Main image courtesy of Svetapple.